Incredible Hillside Transformation

From Overgrown Ivy To A Stunning Outdoor Retreat

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Brief Overview

Seabreeze Landscaping took on the ambitious project of transforming Jerry and Deborah’s unusable, ivy-covered hillside in Virginia Beach into a beautifully landscaped, functional outdoor space. With careful planning and hard work, the team turned the challenging terrain into an inviting hillside haven with raised planters, a staircase, a patio, and more.

Project Key Features


Project Budget


Meltsner Residence Project Before

The Challenge

The initial state of the backyard presented a stark contrast to the envisioned paradise. Dominated by weeds and uninviting crabgrass, it lacked the vibrancy and allure necessary for a relaxing coastal oasis.

The Project Team

Macon Humphrey, Owner Of Seabreeze Landscaping

Macon Humphrey

Landscape Designer & Project Manager

Jake Sutherby

Jake Sutherby

Project Manager & Landscape Foreman

William Bill Grimes

William Grimes

Landscape Foreman & Horticulturist

The 3-Phase Process

From Vision to Verdant Splendor



The design phase began with a detailed 3D landscape rendering, bringing the envisioned transformation to life. The design promised beauty and functionality by utilizing high-quality materials:

  • Techo-Bloc & Belgard Hardscape Products
  • In-Lite Landscape Lighting
  • Locally Grown Plants
  • River Rock & Boulders
Architectural Landscape Design


Throughout the buildout, the homeowners were kept in the loop with frequent updates, ensuring transparency and alignment with their vision. The process was a testament to the team’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Meltsner Residence Project Before


Jerry and Deborah are overjoyed with the outcome. The once neglected hillside was now a testament to Seabreeze Landscaping’s vision and skill, where they could finally enjoy the beauty of their backyard.

Meltsner Residence Project
Meltsner Residence Project
Meltsner Residence Project

The Solution

Seabreeze Landscaping meticulously addressed the hillside’s challenges through innovative design and diligent craftsmanship, transforming it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. The steep slope now boasts accessible and enjoyable areas, from the inviting patio to the practical raised planters, all integrated seamlessly into the natural landscape.

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