Luxury Front Yard Makeover

A Modern Twist On Outdoor Living

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Brief Overview

Imagine stepping out your front door to a slice of paradise every day. That’s the story of Thomas and Diana’s front yard makeover in Virginia Beach. In just over two weeks, with a budget of $50K, their front yard went from bland to magazine-worthy. It’s now an inviting space where greenery greets them year-round, they spend evenings in the glow of their firepit, and every inch invites you to unwind and enjoy.

Project Key Features


Project Budget


Marsdens Residence's Front Yard Makeover Project Before

The Challenge

The initial state of the backyard presented a stark contrast to the envisioned paradise. Dominated by weeds and uninviting crabgrass, it lacked the vibrancy and allure necessary for a relaxing coastal oasis.

The Project Team

Macon Humphrey, Owner Of Seabreeze Landscaping

Macon Humphrey

Landscape Designer & Project Manager

Jake Sutherby

Jake Sutherby

Project Manager & Landscape Foreman

William Bill Grimes

William Grimes

Landscape Foreman & Horticulturist

The 3-Phase Process

From Vision To Front Yard Oasis



The design process was collaborative and dynamic. We utilized a 3D landscape rendering and a precise 2cad layout to finalize a design that featured high-end materials like Techo-Bloc pavers and Rymar’s Durablade 65 synthetic turf.

Marsden Residence 3D Design


Communication was key during the build, with daily updates keeping the project transparent and on track. This phase was characterized by the expert installation of the selected materials, ensuring the design was perfectly realized.

Daniel with machinery


With their transformed front yard, Thomas and Diana now relish in the simple pleasures of outdoor living. Their new space is perfect for a quiet morning with a cup of coffee or hosting friends on a starlit evening. It’s a beautiful, functional extension of their home where they unwind.

Marsdens Residence's Front Yard Makeover Project
Marsdens Residence's Front Yard Makeover Project
Marsdens Residence's Front Yard Makeover Project

The Solution

Seabreeze Landscaping crafted a stunning front yard oasis that beautifully aligns with Thomas and Diana’s desire for a modern, functional outdoor space. The result is an elegant, low-maintenance haven that not only enhances their home’s curb appeal but also provides a personal retreat for relaxation and social gatherings. By blending sophisticated design with the highest quality materials, we’ve ensured they will enjoy their outdoor space for many years.

The Virginia Beach Front Yard Makeover

From Vision To Reality: A Landscape Transformation Story

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