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Synthetic Turf: Reimagine Your Virginia Beach Lawn

Imagine a lawn that remains perfectly green and inviting throughout the year without constant watering, mowing, or weeding. In Virginia Beach, our synthetic turf offers an effortlessly beautiful and sustainable alternative to traditional grass. 

Picture your family enjoying a vibrant outdoor space where children play safely, pets roam freely, and you relax, knowing your lawn looks pristine. With synthetic turf, your garden becomes a year-round haven for relaxation and entertainment, reflecting the Virginia Beach lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Popular Upgrades For Synthetic Turf In Virginia Beach

Perimeter Landscaping

Enhance the natural beauty around your synthetic turf with perimeter landscaping, blending functionality with aesthetics for a seamless outdoor living experience.


Integrate boulders into your synthetic turf setup for a touch of rugged elegance. These natural elements add character and distinction to your green space.

Par 3 Golf Course

Elevate your game with a Par 3 golf course right in your backyard. Perfect your swing and enjoy endless entertainment on your professional-grade synthetic turf course.

Moveable Custom Cup Placement

Keep your golf practice dynamic with custom, moveable cup placements. It's a great way to challenge yourself and improve your putting skills.

Chipping Fringe

Add a chipping fringe around your putting green for a realistic golfing experience. It's the perfect way to practice your short game in the comfort of your own yard.

Chipping Platform

Elevate your golf game with a dedicated chipping platform. It adds depth to your practice routine, helping you refine your technique.

Sand Traps Starting At $6k+

Challenge yourself with professional-level sand traps. These features make your golf course more engaging and enjoyable.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your synthetic turf area with landscape lighting, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space for evening enjoyment.

Playground Padding & Turf

Create a safe play environment for children with playground padding and turf. Enjoy added safety, durability, and fun.

Shock Pad Underlayment

Increase comfort and safety with shock pad underlayment beneath your synthetic turf. It provides extra cushioning and impact absorption for sports and play.

Pet Turf

Give your furry friends a safe and clean play area with specialized pet turf. It's durable, easy to clean, and perfect for endless fun.

Rooftop Application

Transform your rooftop into a lush green oasis with synthetic turf. It's a unique way to enjoy green space in urban environments.

Custom Designs

Tailor your synthetic turf area with custom designs that reflect your style and enhance your outdoor living experience.

Infill Materials

Choose from various infill materials to customize the feel and performance of your synthetic turf, ensuring it meets your specific needs.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Enjoy the low-maintenance beauty of synthetic turf with our easy upkeep solutions. Keep your green space looking pristine for years.

Commercial Synthetic Turf
Residential Synthetic Turf

Elevate Your Outdoor Living In Virginia Beach With Effortless Synthetic Turf

Transform your Virginia Beach home into an exquisite outdoor sanctuary where luxury meets low maintenance. Our synthetic turf upgrades, including pet-friendly options and playground systems, ensure a space that’s not only beautiful but also functional for every member of your family. 

Spend evenings illuminated by landscape lighting on your lush, green lawn or weekends practicing your golf skills on your personal course. Synthetic turf promises a beautiful and low-maintenance outdoor landscape for your home.

Synthetic Turf Portfolio

A Gallery of Green: Transformations To Inspire

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Exceptional Quality & Professionalism

Experience unparalleled quality and professionalism with Seabreeze Landscaping, where we perfectly craft every detail. Our dedication to excellence ensures your project stands out, transforming your outdoor space into a masterpiece that reflects your style and exceeds your expectations.

Customized and Responsive Service

Your vision is our blueprint. We offer personalized service that adapts to your unique needs, ensuring your landscaping dreams are brought to life exactly as you imagine. Prompt, attentive, and committed to your satisfaction, we're here to make your landscaping journey smooth and rewarding.

Expertise & Creativity In Design & Execution

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor spaces with Seabreeze's blend of creativity and expert design. Our team brings knowledge and innovative ideas to every project, ensuring your garden or outdoor living area looks stunning and thrives in the Virginia Beach climate.


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To Your Outdoor Oasis

From First Contact To Final Walkthrough

Start your landscaping transformation journey by submitting our contact form, which will lead to a personalized phone and on-site consultation to understand your vision and space. Dive into a collaborative design phase, followed by transparent estimating. Our skilled team then brings your dream to life, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Ready to see your outdoor space transformed? View our complete process and begin crafting your dream landscape today.

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*Prices are averages and may vary depending on the size of your project and the materials used. After the on-site consultation, you will get an exact quote for your unique project.

Frequently Asked Questions For Synthetic Turf In Virginia Beach

What impacts the price of installing synthetic turf in the Virginia Beach area?

The price of synthetic turf is influenced by several factors, including the area’s square footage, the complexity of the excavation required, and the ease of access to the installation site. Each project is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and landscape.

We provide comprehensive synthetic turf maintenance services in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas to ensure your lawn remains in top condition. Our easy upkeep solutions keep your artificial turf looking vibrant and pristine, offering you peace of mind and more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

Our high-quality synthetic turf is designed for durability and long-lasting beauty, typically lasting 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. It’s a wise investment in your outdoor living space, offering years of enjoyment and minimal upkeep.

Absolutely! Synthetic turf can be expertly installed over various landscapes, providing a seamless transition from natural to synthetic grass. We ensure proper preparation and installation to integrate your new turf beautifully with your existing outdoor design.

Synthetic Turf Reviews

Hear from homeowners who've made the switch to our hassle-free, beautiful synthetic turf.

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